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  • Credit Management Consultants

International Commercial Investigation Services

About Us

Credit Management Consultants

Established in 1983, we are a firm of highly respected and skilled Credit Management Consultants. Operating both nationally and internationally we assist in the successful collection of overdue accounts and bad debts, as well as specialising in Cash Flow acceleration to reduce the risk of bad debt. Whilst we pride ourselves on our excellent results, one of our main objectives is to retain goodwill between the parties, discretion and diplomacy being the key.

We are wholly committed to long term relationships and this is apparent by our clients’ loyalty and dependability in our services over the decades. A first class service in every respect, our clients include various large and prestigious companies in major industries however we are also able to cater for a wide range of smaller firms/sole traders, all of whom share the common objective of improving their cash flow and profitability, whilst still maintaining their reputation and the goodwill of their clients.

Reliability together with integrity is crucial in today’s Credit Management, and our clients know who to come to when they need assistance.

The Problem

Are your clients using you as a free bank?

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Slow / late payers
  • Bad debts
  • Constant excuses to delay payment
  • Ailing or near insolvent clients
  • Loss of valuable time & credibility chasing
  • Too busy to chase / lack of credit control
  • Absconded debtors

The Solution

Our services hold the key

We can assist you with…

  • Successful cash flow acceleration
  • Recovery of overdue accounts / bad debts
  • Flat rate recovery fee
  • Worldwide service
  • Retain goodwill / diplomatic approach
  • Tailored services
  • Credit control advice / health check

Our services

Debt Recovery, Credit Acceleration & Bespoke Services

Bespoke Services

  • Bespoke letters
  • Unauthorised Reproduction Service (URS)
  • Chargebacks (CBS) - Returned Cheques Service (RCS)

Phase One

Simplicity itself.

The Letter Service

Phase One is based on a small flat rate regardless of the amount of the debt.


Simply complete a Service Form with the debtor’s details and email or post to I.C.I.S. No other documentation is required at this stage. I.C.I.S. will immediately dispatch their first approach to your debtor.


Our first letter is designed to prompt payment without loss of goodwill. If there is no response a further two letters of increasing strength will be sent out at pre-set intervals. We instruct your debtors to pay you NOT us and you may stop/amend or delay the service at any time by email, phone or post using a control form.


Should there be the odd debtor who ignores all three approaches, you will be asked if you would like the account to pass to Phase Two. There is no obligation - the choice is yours. Our average success rate in Phase One is 85%.


We offer a three point guarantee with our service which includes a Money-Back guarantee, a form back guarantee and five years to use our services from the date of purchase.


Clients pre-purchase Service Forms at a flat rate per form. Prices range according to quantity purchased, starting at £26.95+vat reducing to £10.95+vat.

Phase Two

No Collection, No Fee.

Targeted Collection

Phase Two works on a No Collection, No Fee basis.


Once a debt is agreed into Phase Two, our confirmation letter/email will be sent detailing the agreed commission rate along with our Phase Two terms. We will at this point look to include recovery of costs and interest via either contractual or statutory entitlements, unless otherwise instructed.


Immediate contact will be made with the debtor with the objective of encouraging settlement in the shortest possible time. This is done in a polite but firm manner and in most cases will produce excellent results. Should the contact details supplied not be up to date, it is in this phase that further investigatory work is carried out.


Any monies recovered at this stage will be subject to our commission at the agreed rate.

Phase Three

Some cases need litigation

Litigation Services

Phase Three is our Litigation Service, available on amounts in excess of £1000.00. Along with a small administration fee, all Court disbursements and Solicitors Fees will be charged in stages as each step is instructed. No action is taken without the consent of our clients, who are in control at all times. Furthermore, our clients can feel safe in the knowledge that we only recommend a particular action where there is a high percentage chance of not merely winning but more importantly achieving remuneration. An agreed commission is due on any monies recovered and any Costs and Interest if not already included will be calculated at this point in accordance with either contractual or statutory entitlements. For copyright infringement cases, we provide experience and guidance through the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (“IPEC”).

Bespoke Services

Not quite what you were looking for?

Professional Clients - Bespoke Letters

Our many clients cover a wide spectrum of different industries and businesses and therefore in order to provide a more personal service we have designed bespoke letters in Phase One for our professional clients i.e. Medical, Accountancy, Legal Services, and Stockbrokers etc.

Copyright - Unauthorised Reproduction Service (URS)

The “Unauthorised Reproduction Service” is for the benefit of Photographers and Photographic Libraries who find their images used without permission or remuneration. As technology advances and the availability of the internet increases, this worldwide problem continues to grow. Our aim is to assist in the recovery of compensation and damages, as well as securing the removal of the infringement(s), without the need for court action and on a cost effective and professional basis.

Chargeback (CBS) & Returned Cheques (RCS)

Chargebacks from Credit or Debit card transactions along with returned cheques can occur for many different reasons, however they can also be used as a delaying tactic or avoidance to settle. Whatever the reason, they should all be taken seriously and dealt with without delay. Our objective is to act swiftly with these cases as they often prove to be perpetrated by opportunistic debtors.



Here's what our clients have been saying about us.

The service you provide has proven to be highly effective, without upsetting our customers - The system is easy to operate and extremely reasonable priced.

P. M.

The effort and skilled negotiation by you, saved a critical debtor situation from becoming legal, costly and even more stressful. We also got a successful result – so in all, we are very thankful.

F. R. S.

We are most appreciative of the fact that you are able to collect debts on our behalf without upsetting our customers in the process. The service fits in perfectly as an extension of our own Credit Control. We would not hesitate in recommending your services to any other business.

O. S.

I would also like you to know that we are delighted with your service generally. It is so simple, but so effective and we have had settlement every time we have used your system.

C. J.

My business is small and whilst Credit Control is very important, it can prove time consuming - it is good to know that I can rely on your services early and that my clients are in good hands, leaving me more time to attend to new business.

L. L.

I think this provides an astonishing success story. The cleverness of your system, the psychology behind it and the efficiency with which you run it all combine to produce results far beyond the comprehension of any ordinary run of the mill collection agency. Congratulations to you and all your excellent staff.

P. L.


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